Sunday, November 9, 2008

a little bit of randomness

It hit me the other day that in five years… …fun process to open all the gifts… Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spirit … I’m a married woman now... 150 thank you cards mean 150 gifts… A life of abundance… …nothing has really been permanent… Lost without time… I’m not one of those people who actually enjoy running… actually got married… Movies that make you think… Books that tickle your senses… Babies and no more babies and then some more… …this was the year to VOTE… …pain and joy, beauty and sorrow… Maybe Baby…

I once wrote a paper consisting entirely of stream of conscious thought and ellipses, and I turned it in!! It was an AP English Class my Senior year at High School. The assignment was to discuss Dante’s Inferno, and for whatever reason I couldn’t grasp any one thought in my mind, and then I got stuck on the thought of merely linking ALL my thoughts regarding Dante, etc and although admittedly there was some hesitation at turning in such a paper, I did it. I received at C+ on the paper, the lowest grade I ever received on a written assignment. At the time I first was disappointed with myself and the grade, because I knew that I could have done better, but now and even then eventually I felt this strange sense of accomplishment. This sense of not conforming to true technique, of just writing, of spewing the thoughts out.

So because I haven’t written a blog post in nearly four months, I don’t think the one sentence "post" counted on September 13, I decided to just write. Write darling, write and I still can’t quite link all my thoughts, the above is a splattering – they are my thoughts, opening lines, middle sentences crashing and colliding into each other. I did begin to fill in the “blanks” so hopefully that means that I will have at least new posts for the next few days, but no promises my friends!!!

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