Sunday, November 9, 2008

Geekified (and yes, THAT is a word)!!!

Oh, Oh I have to share: I'm becoming "geekified" -- yes, that darling husband of mine is teaching me about J-Unit, and Coding (well, he hasn't yet, but he will) and I quite enjoy it. Something about learning a new subject that has no substance in my current knowledge base is thrilling -- imagine that, learning actually works :)

But in a few weeks, after I master my geek skills, I'm going to go to G's office and wow all those other engineers with my beauty and geekiness (and common sense, but that's neither here nor there) -- the combination will be the fatal blow. It was for me with Guillaume -- the other week, about 7 other weeks to be closer to exact, he was doing something on the computer where he pulled up a black screen and typed all this green stuff into it, and seeing him do that was actually quite sexy!!!

It might be a good idea if I perhaps came OFF of the computer and got some sleep.

Oh, some good friends of ours had their first child today -- Cyrus Maximus and what a handsome little fellow -- congratulations, love, and prayers to this expanding family!!!

(As an aside -- silly BlogSpot won't let me change the whole content of my post to one color, sorry for inconvenience in reading)!!!

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