Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 things...

25 Random Things, they've stormed the Facebook note section, and even though I filled one out there, I decided I needed something to kick start my blogging.  SO...I decided to do a second "25 Random Things" and within each point of randomness I have a built in blog topic.  Read on and discover some more randomness, and stay tuned because with this I have at least 25 blog posts just waiting to spill forth!!!

1. When I was 15 I found out I couldn't have children biologically.

2. The most tears I've shed have been during two seasons: when we first moved to the
USA in 1995 and these past few months.  Life altering change does a number on me!

3. I try to go into Costco with no cart, and only buy what I can carry.  However, it always amazes me just how much I can carry.

4. Both at home and at work there are sharp knives, and as such my hands are covered in nicks.

5. I've been to
Paris four times: once with my mum, once with Alison, and twice with Guillaume.  Each trip has been different!!!

6. One of my fondest memories of travelling is when my mum and I travelled through
France, Italy, and Spain for 6 weeks (or so).  I had just graduated from High School and my mum and I set off!!

7. I tend to have a keen sense of justice, sometimes to the extreme of forgetting to bring grace into the equation.

8. Until recently I was reluctant to enjoy Christmas Carols.

9. This next one was on my original 25 things.  I LOVE my family.  They are IT for me.  Cross them, and be prepared to face my wrath!

10. I've worked as a Nanny for four and a half years, for the same family.  M and M are my sunshines.  I delight in the little moments of the day, and do pull my hair out on occassion, such as no nap transitions.

11. I've sky dived!!!  I would like to do so again.  BUT I would really like to bunjee jump into water.

12.  While the idea of scuba diving intrigues and I would like to see the underwater world, I'm scared to actually try it.  Just thinking about it causes me to hyperventilate. 

13. Although I've never got stuck in an elevator I try not to ride in them unless I have both a bottle of water and a snack.  You never know if you're going to get stuck!!

14. I grind my teeth at night!!

15. Being married is harder than I ever expected, but fuller and richer than I could have ever known. 

16. G and I "dated" for 10 weeks before he broke up with me.  We then spent a summer and fall of being friends, wherein he fell in love with me.

17.  G and I dated for five months before we got engaged, and married 5 and a half months later.

18.  I enjoyed our wedding day to the fullest and remember it all, although it seems like a dream.

19.  Some of the dearest people in my life, besides my family, are the Hittler/Wall clan.

20. My hair color has been blonde - in varying shades, red, brown, and dark brown/nearly black.

21. I'm a secret germophobe.

22. I'm most happy if I'm not with lots of people.

23. I enjoy my own company, and always (or nearly always) have!!

24. I accepted the truth of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection at a young age.

25. My dream is to one day write a book (or two)!!

There you have it, stay tuned....

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