Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cleaning Day!

I strongly dislike cleaning. I don’t enjoy it. Not one iota. It does not leave me feeling pleased, accomplished, satisfied. Nope, it leaves me with a sense of waste, that I would waste/spend a whole day cleaning. It isn’t that I have/live in a large living quarters and that it takes a whole day, it is because I have such a strong distaste for cleaning that I can generally find any means to procrastinate from actually cleaning. But rather than actually do this procrastination productively (i.e. read a book, or …), I’ll pretend that I am in fact cleaning, and take “quick” breaks to check Facebook, or find new blogs to read. Today I rediscovered “Blognosh” and in the process discovered a variety of new blogs. Of course, I couldn’t just settle on reading one post from the blog, I had to backtrack through the archives and get a feel for the blog, and the blogger.

On top of that I wanted to get to Costco to pick up a Shark to clean my floor, my awful awful floor. A floor that seemingly is impenetrable to any cleaning method. The floor is wood…yet Pine Sole doesn’t do the trick, nor the other three products I have in my cupboard that I’ve used sporadically on the floor to no avail. I keep hearing good things about the Shark, so I thought why not, let’s give it a try. However, I needed to purchase one and this purchase would involve a trip to Costco, which was to be my motivation to have me clean quick (ha) and get to the store. Well, that didn’t happen because I needed to be at the Loft waiting for a package between the hours of 8am and 7pm, an eleven hour window of delivery – fun!! Now it is closing in on 6, and I’ve yet to finish…there’s half a kitchen to put back together, and then there’s me – I think I need putting back together. I just feel that I was trapped all day with this weight over my head, pressing me down…CLEAN…CLEAN…CLEAN…is it good enough? Is it clean enough? A lot of the times I was answering no, so I was thinking what is the POINT to cleaning, my cleaning...

All this being said I think I need to have a discussion with my DH, and hire a cleaner…the kicker is I do have 1-2 days off a week, so really I should be doing the cleaning, but I think for my sanity and well being a cleaner it is going to have be.

However, that raises a whole bunch of other concerns. A cleaner?! Does that mean I am not good enough? Does that mean I can’t keep my own place clean? While the answer may be an obvious resounding yes, considering the previous paragraphs, I have a hard time with the thought of someone coming in and cleaning up.

If nothing else, my cleaning day today produced a blog post, the first in 5 and a half months…and “our” loft is clean, which will make my husband happy, and a happy husband makes for a happy life, oh wait, isn’t it a happy wife, makes for a happy life – in which case, the cleaning might not have been worth it for my husband!!!


victoria said...

Oh, I so know what you are saying! It's way worse with 3 kids, unfortunately. I'd love a house cleaner but I also struggle with the very thoughts you posed, so consequently nothing gets cleaned! Even when I do clean house, it lasts for maybe a few hours until it's a mess again! At least you probably are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor for at least a week!

Great post. I love reading what you write.

Mommy Max said...

Hey, I have a shark if you would like to borrow it. I use it on the tile all the time. I have used it on the wood floors a little bit. I do get a cleaner here every other week. That is the blessing from my hubby. Again, it does not last long, but hoping things change while Sophie is at school.

louellakbustos said...
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